1) Visit your Google+ page, open its profile, and click ‘Edit profile’ 2) On the About tab, save your website URL, then click the new button, ‘Link website’ 3) Follow the instructions for adding a short line of code to your website’s homepage, then click ‘Test website’


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Define Yourself

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
Have you defined yourself or have you let people create their own definition of you? Why are the two definitions different?

The fact is that it’s not enough to be able to define oneself. One has to push the definition down people’s throats. Keep repeating. Keep displaying. Keep advertising. Don’t stop, repeat. Once you stop, people will start distorting their definition of you to suit their own fickle minds. You will be judged. You will be asked to prove that you are who you say you are. Grab attention. State facts. Gloat. Repeat.

You are not who you think you are. You are who you define yourself to be.

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How to Promote Your Local Biz Using Social, Local and Mobile | Search Engine Journal

Three things revolutionized the Internet in a major way: social, mobile and local (or SoLoMo for short). The Web has gotten bigger (a lot of people use the mobile Internet not instead of, but along with more conventional options) and more diverse, with many new advertising opportunities available to digital marketers.

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Was asked to explain social media marketing in one page, and this is what I came up with. Am I missing something?

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Social networks suck!

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
Well, social networks suck! Period! Whether you’re on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter or any damn “social network”, it doesn’t matter, it sucks if you don’t know how to “use” it!

I was in an interesting conversation with a couple of friends of mine, and the conversation got more interesting as the drinks started to flow. There was a lot of talk about how Facebook sucks, how Google+ just couldn’t cut it, and on why someone’s not on Twitter. As for me, I’m on all of them…and I use all of them in different ways. The bottom line .. You have to KNOW WHY you want to be on a social networking site, KNOW WHAT the social networking site does, and KNOW HOW to use the damn thing!

I use Facebook BECAUSE all my “friends” are on it. I like to share with them about what’s going on in my little world, which they were once a part of. I don’t add people to my “Facebook world” unless I know them well enough that I would want them to know about me.

I use Google+ because a lot of people who I find “interesting” use it to get share stuff that they find interesting. They “hangout”, they “plus” their world to my Google searches and I am finding stuff that I think is more relevant than ever before. Yes I would buy that widget that someone I KNOW bought and found to be a good widget, why the eff not?

Social networking is all about “engaging” with people that you know, people you have heard about, people you want to hear about, and people you want to talk about, it’s about PEOPLE! Doesn’t matter if it’s a website or a real world network named after an animal you’ve never seen (e.g. Elks), social networking feeds the basic human need to be “connected”!

How you want to “connect” depends on you. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or whatchamacallit cannot tell you HOW and WHY to do it. That’s why they SUCK!

They are just MEDIUMS. You and the world around you ARE the NETWORK. How SOCIAL you are and your network is depends on…take a wild guess…you and your network. The medium doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter. It does what it’s supposed to do…it SUCKS!

When was the last time you were "spontaneous"? 

When was the last time you did something, anything, you haven't tried before?

Spontaneity is one of the little joys of life. It is breaking out of one's daily routine and doing something "extraordinary". It is embracing possibility and accepting free will. 

Give it a shot. Take the scenic route home instead of that quick detour. Call up that long lost friend you haven't spoken to in years. Write a poem. Sing in the shower. See how a little thing can make a big difference to your quality of life. 

For god's sake, don't turn complaining into a science. So what if the food's a little too hot or the tea's a little too cold. So what if your boss is a jerk. We all know people who complain. You know who you are. 

Here's a thought: don't sit around and complain about everyone else. Go out and be successful instead of complaining about everyone else who is. 

BE SPONTANEOUS! Stand up, put on a sombrero and do the "YMCA".
Google Webmaster Central Blog
Webmaster Level: All

At Google, we help grow your audience by connecting you with new users. We introduced the +1 button so your site would stand out on search and your users could easily share your content on Google+. But, sometimes you want to join the conversation and post content directly to where people are sharing.

Today we’re introducing Google+ for Business, a collection of tools and products that help you grow your audience. At the core of this is Google+ Pages, your site’s identity on Google+.

Google+ Pages: Have real conversations with the right people

To get your site on Google+, you first need to create a Google+ Page. On your page, you can engage in conversations with your visitors, direct readers back to your site for the latest updates, send tailored messages to specific groups of people, and see how many +1’s you have across the web. Google+ Pages will help you build relationships with your users, encouraging them to spend more time engaging with your content.

Google+ Pages are at the heart of Google+ for Business


Sometimes you might want to chat with your users face-to-face.  For example, if you run a food blog, you may want to invite a chef to talk about her favorite recipe, or if you manage a fashion review site, beauty specialists might want to hold how-to sessions with makeup tips. Hangouts make this easy, by letting you have high-quality video chats with nine people with a single click. You can use Hangouts to hold live forums, break news or simply get to know people better, all in real time.

Hangouts let you meet your customers, face-to-face


Circles allow you to group followers of your Page into smaller audiences. You can then share specific messages with specific groups. For example, you could create a Circle containing your most loyal readers and offer them exclusive content.
The Google+ badge: Grow your audience on Google+

To help your users find your page and start sharing, there are two buttons you can add to your site by visiting our Google+ badge configuration tool:

The Google+ icon, a small icon that directly links to your Page.

The Google+ badge, which we’re introducing in the coming days. This badge lets people add your page to their circles without leaving your site, and allows them to get updates from your site via Google+.


Extend the power of +1, stand out in Google search
You can also link your site to your Google+ page so that all your +1s — from your Page, your website, and search results — will get tallied together and appear as a single total. Potential visitors will be more likely to see the recommendations your site has received, whether they’re looking at a search result, your website, or your Page, meaning your +1’s will reach not only the 40 million users of Google+, but all the people who come to Google every day. You can link your site to your Page either using the Google+ badge or with a  piece of code. To set this up, visit our Google+ badge configuration tool.

Bringing Google+ to the rest of Google

Our ultimate vision for Google+ is to transform the overall Google experience — weaving identity and sharing into all of our products. Beginning today, we’re rolling out a new experimental feature to a small group of eligible publishers, Google+ Direct Connect — an easy way for your audience to find your Google+ Page on Google search.  If you’ve linked your Page to your site and you qualify, when someone searches for your website’s name with the ‘+’ sign before it Direct Connect will send them directly to your Page. For example, try searching for ‘+YouTube’ on Google. Users will also be prompted to automatically add Pages they find through Direct Connect to their circles. 

Direct Connect suggestions start populating as you type on Google.com

Just the beginning

We want to help you get your site on Google+ as soon as possible, so we’re opening the field trial for Google+ Pages to everyone today. Creating a Google+ Page only takes a few minutes. To get started, you’ll need a personal Google+ profile. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s very quick and easy to join. And if you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of the sites that are already starting to set up their Pages:

Partner Logos

Burberry HM Macys Pepsi ABC News Amazon Assassins_Creed ATT Breaking_News Orange DC_Comics Dell NBC_News Gol_Linhas_aeras Kia LOreal Marvel NYTimes Piaget Shady Tmobile Toyota Uniqlo Virgin

To learn more about how Google+ works for your site, check out the Google+ Your Business site. We’re just getting started, and have many more features planned for the coming weeks and months. To keep up to date on the latest news and tips, add the Google+ Your Business page to your circles. If you have ideas on how we can improve Google+ for your site, we’d love to hear them.

Posted by Dennis Troper, Product Management Director, Google+ Pages

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