Social networks suck!

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
Well, social networks suck! Period! Whether you’re on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter or any damn “social network”, it doesn’t matter, it sucks if you don’t know how to “use” it!

I was in an interesting conversation with a couple of friends of mine, and the conversation got more interesting as the drinks started to flow. There was a lot of talk about how Facebook sucks, how Google+ just couldn’t cut it, and on why someone’s not on Twitter. As for me, I’m on all of them…and I use all of them in different ways. The bottom line .. You have to KNOW WHY you want to be on a social networking site, KNOW WHAT the social networking site does, and KNOW HOW to use the damn thing!

I use Facebook BECAUSE all my “friends” are on it. I like to share with them about what’s going on in my little world, which they were once a part of. I don’t add people to my “Facebook world” unless I know them well enough that I would want them to know about me.

I use Google+ because a lot of people who I find “interesting” use it to get share stuff that they find interesting. They “hangout”, they “plus” their world to my Google searches and I am finding stuff that I think is more relevant than ever before. Yes I would buy that widget that someone I KNOW bought and found to be a good widget, why the eff not?

Social networking is all about “engaging” with people that you know, people you have heard about, people you want to hear about, and people you want to talk about, it’s about PEOPLE! Doesn’t matter if it’s a website or a real world network named after an animal you’ve never seen (e.g. Elks), social networking feeds the basic human need to be “connected”!

How you want to “connect” depends on you. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or whatchamacallit cannot tell you HOW and WHY to do it. That’s why they SUCK!

They are just MEDIUMS. You and the world around you ARE the NETWORK. How SOCIAL you are and your network is depends on…take a wild guess…you and your network. The medium doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter. It does what it’s supposed to do…it SUCKS!


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