Mid-Week Madness: 28 September 2011

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized


Wednesdays are always a mixed-bag. Its always confusing whether to be happy that half the week is over or to sulk in the fact that the weekend is still far away. However, its always a good day to recap on the interesting stuff so far this week so as to know what to expect the rest of the week.

Here are some bits that I enjoyed reading so far. Hope you find them as enlightening, funny, educational, …yada yada yada….as I did!

An “Apple” a day, keeps the rumors, well…the rumors will never stop!

What better way to get through the week than read about new rumors about the upcoming, iPhone event on October 4th. If all the speculation and anticipation about an iPhone 5 wasn’t enough, we are also now excited about “what else” to expect. If there’s one thing that Apple has done right in the last few years, it is hiring the right marketing guys.

Facebook charging users? Hogwash!

The number of posts claiming that Facebook will start charging users for the new profiles reached staggering levels throughout the week. Not just on FB, these posts started making the rounds on Google+ as well! My only reply to one such post from a friend…GROW UP SON!

Google+ hits the 50 million user mark!

Quite a landmark for Google that also celebrated its 13th birthday! Google+ became the fastest social network to reach 50 million users. Hmm…now only if I can get my friends to join my circle…till then I will have to settle for posts from the likes of Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki. Not a bad deal really!

Why would I want to SHARE my circles?

In yet another update to Google+, users can now share their circles with their…umm…circles! Apparently, I want to let my friend know that I have put him in a circle called “Extreme Caution: Nincompoops!” !!!!

MIdweek Productivity: Yet another checklist

Well…lets face it, you are probably neck deep in work by Wednesday. You know you should have completed the work last week…but you find yourself staring at it this Wednesday. Yes, you deserve the “Employee of the Month” award anyhow. But, here’s another checklist to help you stay on top of tasks. Just go ahead and add it to your reading list for this week…right after Moby Dick!

Have a good rest of the week, and as usual, feel free to drop me a line on Google+ or on my Facebook page.


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