Undo A Facebook Profile To Business Page Conversion

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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People who wish to undo a conversion of a profile to a business page can now file an appeal to Facebook.

You can find this within the “contact us” section of Facebook’s help center.  The Profile to Business Page Migration Appeal contains a field asking for the appellant’s user name and the web address of the business page in question. Grey text to the left of these two questions says:

Profile to business page migrations are meant for profiles that do not represent a person. If you have accidentally migrated your profile to a page, you can submit your request for a reversal. Please keep in mind that we will remove your business page if your profile is restored. We may reject any appeals that we deem to be inappropriate. Further, we may not reply to all submitted appeals.

Fill in the two fields, click submit, and then a window pops up saying:

Thanks for contacting Facebook. You should receive an email response shortly. Note that you may need to respond to this email before we can assist you further.

Beneath that text is a blue button labeled “okay.” Clicking it returns you to a secure version of the help center’s main page.

This whole process provides a remedy to questions that arose amid last week’s announcement of the ability to convert profiles to pages. Facebook may have intended for the appeals to satisfy those who’ve accidentally converted their profiles to pages, like blogger Josh Constine suggests.

We’re curious to see how many people avail themselves of the appeals process and how long it will take for actual conversions to happen. Readers, what do you make of this latest improvement?


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