Article: Three Underused & Hard-to-Find AdWords Features

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Three Underused & Hard-to-Find AdWords Features

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Blog Three Underused & Hard-to-Find AdWords Features

AdWords Tips

Three Underused & Hard-to-Find AdWords Features

By Tom Demers February 17, 2011 Posted In: AdWords Tips Comments: 1

Another day, another new AdWords feature: today Google introduced Automated Rules. We’ve talked about how to evaluate new AdWords features and whether they’re good for you and your campaign, and the fact that AdWords is cranking out new features at a rapid pace is no secret.

Amidst all the noise of new AdWords features it’s important not to get too caught up in trying every single new feature, particularly as there are older features that many advertisers aren’t getting the most out of. In this post we’ll walk through three such features and how to leverage them in your campaigns.

Impression Share Metrics

Impression share metrics aren’t a secret to may veteran PPC managers, but they’re an underutilized asset to paid search advertisers. One reason for this may be the recent move of the reports from the reporting tab. You can now get this data in your standard campaign view:


Simply choose columns and then check the box for competitive metrics. Next, you’ll be able to see impression share data:


When married with things like conversions and cost per conversion, this report can give you a great glimpse of which campaigns are profitable but not generating as many impressions as they could be either due to your budget being too low or your bids or Quality Scores needing work.

Ad Extentions

Many new advertisers work quickly through the campaign creation process and fail to make use of all the real estate Google is offering your ads in the SERPs: namely ad extensions. By making simple additions like adding your company’s phone number or a list of relevant site links to your ads, you can capture more room in the SERPs and offer searchers additional ways to reach your site or contact you. You can learn more about ad extensions on Google’s official page on the topic or check out the video below if you’re not familiar with the concept behind ad extensions:

And you can find them in their own tab within the AdWords interface.

The Display Ad Builder

Many advertisers spend a lot of time, effort, and money creating ad create for display campaigns before they have a strong grasp as to whether those campaigns will be profitable. Similarly advertisers frequently find it a hurdle to have to have an ad designed for them to try to have their ads show not only on the content network, but also on sites that accept display ads.

The display ad builder is free, has a number of professional-looking templates available, and takes just a few minutes to use to set up creative for a campaign. It’s not the perfect tool for every display ad you’ll want to create, but many times this is precisely the thing advertisers are looking/wishing for (and don’t know exists).

To use this feature you simply have to navigate to a campaign that is running ads on the content network, click the ads tab, and click the new ad drop down which allows you to get started building a new display ad:



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