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via Mashable! by Erica Swallow on 2/8/11

More than 90% of consumers unsubscribe, “unlike” or stop following brands because of too frequent, irrelevant or boring communications, according to a report by social media and e-mail marketing services company ExactTarget.

Released Tuesday, “The Social Break-Up” is a study that surveyed more than 1,500 consumers, exploring changing online behaviors and top motivations for “unliking,” unfollowing and unsubscribing from brand communications via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

Here are a few key findings from the study:

  • 91% of consumers have unsubscribed from opt-in marketing e-mails.
  • 77% of consumers report being more cautious about providing their e-mail address to companies versus last year.
  • 81% of consumers have either “unliked” or removed a company’s posts from their Facebook News Feed.
  • 71% of consumers report being more selective about “liking” a company on Facebook than they were last year.
  • 51% of consumers expect that a “like” will result in marketing communications from brands, while 40% do not believe it should result in marketing communications.
  • 41% of consumers have “unfollowed” a company on Twitter.

With 95% of U.S. online consumers using e-mail (and 93% of U.S. online consumers being subscribers to at least one opt-in e-mail per day), the e-mail findings are particularly important for marketers hoping to remain in good standing with their audiences via e-mail. But Facebook and Twitter are relevant as well, as 65% of U.S. online consumers are currently active on the platform (to the point of obsession, sometimes), and 9% of U.S. online consumers are active tweeters.

Take a look at the images below for more detail about why consumers unsubscribe from brand messages via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, and how they go about getting rid of brand updates when they’re no longer interested.

Reasons People Unsubscribe From Opt-In E-Mails

Similar to the Facebook findings, “too frequent e-mails” is the top reason why consumers unsubscribe from opt-in e-mails. Following that is the complaint that the content became repetitive or boring over time. Brands should take this note to heart and be sure to vary content from e-mail to e-mail.

How Subscribers React To Uninteresting E-mail Messaging

Once again, content is king. If your e-mail campaigns aren’t engaging, you can be sure that consumers have plenty of ideas on how to get rid of them.

Reasons People “Unlike” Brands on Facebook

Overwhelming frequency is a top complaint among consumers across Twitter and Facebook — in fact, it’s the number one reason why people “unlike” brands on Facebook. Take care not to overload your audience with updates.

How Facebook Fans React to Uninteresting Messaging

If Facebook fans aren’t satisfied, they are more than willing to “unlike” or hide brands in their news feeds.

Reasons People Unfollow Brands on Twitter

Relevant content should be a top priority for brands communicating with followers on Twitter, but inundating followers with tweets isn’t the way to go.

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