Pages Quietly Start Suggesting Possible Spam Posts

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
All Facebook

Facebook’s spam filters for page administrators have gotten somewhat of an improvement, albeit a very understated one that hasn’t been formally announced: Wall posts that have nothing to do with the thread they’re posted in get flagged in a subtle shade of grey.

In other words, the pages are suggesting that certain posts look spammy, only doing so without words explaining that the grey highlighting means possible spam. Apparently, that understatement has confused admins who’ve written to us about this new feature.

I’d looked for the grey highlighting of posts on AllFacebook’s wall and noticed that the greying out appeared to be suggesting a bit of spam along with posts that seem more like the work of people who can’t stay on topic rather than actual spammers.

I was unable to determine how far back the greying goes, which would have indicated whether the feature is retroactive or only affects posts as of a certain date. When I asked Facebook about the grey shading, a spokesperson directed me to part of the site’s help center, where the following appears:

Why are some comments on my Page greyed out?

To help you show only the most valuable content on your Page wall, we have automatic spam filters that limit the display of spam. If you wish to make a greyed-out comment visible to everyone, simply click “Unmark as spam.”

Have you seen any of your wall posts highlighted in grey and were you able to understand that the page was suggesting possible spam?


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