Interactive Infographic Visualizes Twitter Ecosystem

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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An expansive ecosystem has developed around Twitter since its 2006 launch. Digital analyst Brian Solis and data visualization powerhouse JESS3 have once again teamed up to release an infographic entitled “The Twitterverse” to depict, and make sense of, the vast galaxy of applications and services orbiting Twitter.

The infographic highlights applications in 19 different rings ranging from branding and geolocation to event management and marketing and advertising. The end result is an exhaustive look at the Twitter ecosystem.

This interactive version of the infographic also provides viewers with more detailed information — courtesy of social software marketplace Oneforty — on each application.

The dynamic resource could help you discover a new dashboard tool for social media management, point you in the direction of a fun, rich media application or it could simply serve as a fun way to marvel at the social media solar system.

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