How Does BlackBerry PlayBook Compare with iPad? [VIDEO]

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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BlackBerry has posted a video comparison of its upcoming tablet — the PlayBook — and Apple’s iPad, focusing on the devices’ web browsing experiences.

As one would imagine, the PlayBook renders Flash content without problems, and iPad lacks Flash support, so it’s an obvious advantage for the PlayBook (although Apple would probably argue that Flash’s effect on battery life should also be included for a complete picture).

However, PlayBook’s web browser also comes out ahead in several other areas, such as the Acid3 web standard compatibility test, as well as page rendering speed.

What do you think, will the web browsing experience on the PlayBook really be superior to that on the iPad? With Apple recently being prone to comparisons with other devices — remember Apple’s Smartphone Antenna Performance page which was created as a reaction to iPhone 4’s antenna issues — perhaps we can expect a similar comparison video from Apple.

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