Article: Fly Plane: Join A Club For Great RC Plane Flying Instructions

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Flyers Club has designed a curriculum that combines the different learning methods in the article below. We want to make the learning experience as engaging and educational as the flying itself. 

The reason for starting our blog, 

RC Planes for Beginners is also to give useful and readily available information on aeromodeling.

Fly Plane: Join A Club For Great RC Plane Flying Instructions

Fly Plane: Join A Club For Great RC Plane Flying Instructions

Join A Club For Great RC Plane Flying Instructions

By Victor Epand

All beginners opting to fly RC model planes are eager to learn. Their priority is to learn first. At times, they are scared of crashing their new planes or are worried that they may not learn fast. However, there are many methods of learning like RC flight stimulators, club instructions or self-training. Getting flying instructions from a flying club could be the best. Flight stimulators are quite popular for giving flying instructions. They are very realistic, which give the flyer a feel like one is in the real flying environment. The stimulator comes with amazing graphics and sounds, which changes depending on the virtual model of the plane you choose to fly.

But the best method of learning how to fly is by joining a flying club to get expert instructions. This method is more preferred than other methods. The beginners are advised to first opt for this, if their learning process has to be more meaningful and fast. With this method, one can easily learn how to fly gas models, instead of the electric models, which lack great versatility as compared to the gas models. There could be a number of flying clubs near you. All you need to do is check the list of the clubs near you and apply for membership.

There are several benefits of joining these flying clubs. First, you get to learn from people who are experts and experienced. They can tell you, how to learn quickly and what to do and not to do. These experts share their flying experiences with you and sometimes you will note that the manuals they give may be lacking in practical explanations. Secondly, you also get to learn from the club, as to which planes are meant for new members or beginners, so you don’t risk crashing your plane, while on the process of learning. Model planes are not that cheap, but when you learn from an expert, who uses an insured plane, it becomes less risky.

Instructions at the clubs are given in two main ways. The first way is called side-by-side instruction. In this method, the instructor and the learner share the same transmitter, while flying. The instructor gives the learner the instructions and the learner flies the plane as directed. In case, something goes wrong, for example the learner gets confused with the controls and flies the plane with wrong maneuvers, the instructor can quickly take on the radio control and bring the plane back on track till the learner is ready again to continue with the flight.

Another very effective technique and way is the use of buddy box system, where the instructor and the learner use two transmitters joined by the cable. The instructor holds the master transmitter, which gives the learner more chances to control the plane or unless otherwise. The problem with this method is that many clubs do no have buddy boxes. Whatever technique you wish to learn, it’s true that joining flying clubs is a very good way to get flying instructions to learn fly a great RC plane.


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