From the horse’s mouth !

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer gives reasons for choosing aeromodeling as a hobby. I could not find a better testimonial (yet!!) than this honest attempt by an aeromodeller.

After getting a lot of questions on the benefits of aeromodeling, I decided to do some research. It was pretty interesting to note that all the IITs in India have an aeromodeling club, and are actively promoting model aviation. A major percentage of people that are into this hobby are from the armed forces.

And then, I found this small article by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (one of the career paths in aviation). It has definitely strengthened my opinion about aeromodeling as a hobby, sport and a genuine "pre-career" option!

Now I am more than convinced, that I really need to make my blog "RC Planes for Beginners", even more comprehensive and exciting.


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Why Aeromodeling? Aeromodeling takes you more closer to aviation. Assembling, construction and flying model airplanes is very educational experience.…/choosen-aircraft-maintenance-engine…



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