First Blog from my iPhone

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Personal, Technology
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Ok…I just downloaded the WordPress app for my iPhone. The idea is to start blogging a lot more and blog “on-the-go”. Like most people, I get my writing ideas when I am not in front of my computer. So, having a smartphone like an iPhone with an app for my WordPress blog is like having peanut butter with jelly.

As I lie awake at 1:30 am,with the Lord of the Rings playing in mute on the tele, I had the sudden urge to jot down a few lines. It’s definitely a little difficult typing a blog on the small touchscreen, even one as good as that of an iPhone. I am making spelling mistakes on almost every other line, but I am also getting better the more I type. This truly is free form writing since I can only see the last sentence I typed and am too lazy to scroll up, so please excuse the incoherent writing.

Oh well…this is just a trial…so let me end this right here. But, let me jot down my pre-sleep routine to illustrate the ‘benefits’ of having an iPhone. I will write another blog about the ‘hazards’ of owning an iPhone after I get ‘feedback’ from the wife.

The Pre-Sleep Routine
1. Facebook Status update – check
2. Twitter trends & messages – check
3. Latest podcast viewed – check
4. Read latest RSS feeds on Pulse – check
5. Read new blog in HBR app – check
6. Play a couple of rounds of Angry Birds – check

I guess by now you have figured out my attachment to my iPhone. So has my wife as she has told me to switch ‘this contraption’ off and sleep at least thrice in the last 5 minutes. I know better not to have her say it for the fourth time so let me put this baby to rest for now.

Next blog: How to annoy your wife and live to tell it! 😉

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